Producer | Engineer | Mixer


Hi! I'm Aleks. 

I'm from a small town outside Buffalo, NY, and grew up playing drums along to my favorite Zeppelin, Rush, and Muse records. My love of the drums, and basement recording the bands I played in, lead me to Berklee College of Music after high school. After graduating from Berklee, I relocated to LA in 2011 to pursue a career in music production. 

I began my career in music at Woodshed Recording. I served as the head engineer there from 2012-2018, engineering for Coldplay, Lady Gaga, RZA, U2, Stargate, and more. 

While working at the studio, I met Matt Bellamy of Muse shortly before the band's release of Drones (2015). I luckily, and happily, ended up working on bits and pieces of Simulation Theory (2018) and shortly thereafter left my studio gig to go freelance.  

In 2019-20, I engineered, mixed, and did spots of production for The Jaded Hearts Club on their debut LP "You've Always Been Here", which was produced by Bellamy. I also continued my work with Muse; mixing the concert film for Simulation Theory for both theatrical and home releases. Throughout 2020, I engineered/mixed/mastered (and occasionally produced on) a series of solo releases from Matt Bellamy including a few original compositions, a re-imagined acoustic version of Muse's Unintended, and a cover of Bridge over Troubled Water.  

In addition to engineering, I love writing/producing music, and have a few passion projects I am involved in. I'm 1/2 of the production duo Science, and release/produce pop music under that name.

A true love of music is the biggest part of my identity. I live to serve the art of music making from any role I can fill on a project!